Production of promotional material



Design and production of promotional materials - without the middle man

Over recent years, our partner company planned and carried out various successful campaigns and sampling promotions. One decisive component is the design and production of the necessary promotional materials. We are therefore fundamentally committed to high quality products with the best preparation. Afterall, only such freebies achieve the desired publicity effect.


We can offer you all products imaginable at an unmatched price, as we work without the middle man.



We offer diverse, interesting products in the fields of CATERING - FREEBIES - TEXTILES - DISPLAYS & PACKAGING. Test our service pack! We help you right from the original idea, to its design and production.

As our partner company is represented on-site personally by a Swiss contact, we guarantee that your request will be processed quickly and without a hitch.

Try us out and ask us for a quote for comparison - you'll be amazed!



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