Private Label water






With your personalized Private Label water drink, you can demonstrate your pioneering spirit and delight your customers! Water is the healthy alternative to all sugary drinks.




Mineral water PET bottles 33 cl & 50 cl, non-carbonated


Our PET bottles are available for delivery with                              

33 cl or 50 cl content, with sports cap on request.


The events where Private Label mineral water could be used are diverse. Parties, concerts, presentations, meetings, as freebies at marketing events or to motivate employees.


The mineral water is sourced in Wales / England, is filtered naturally and bottled directly at source. It is very healthy and has a great taste.


Delivery is possible for minimum order 504 bottles and within a delivery period of 3 weeks. Faster delivery times can be arranged for an additional charge.





New! 50 cl Flavored Non-carbonated Water with sports cap


Available in lemon and lime flavor.

The 50 cl. bottles are now also available in lemon and lime flavor. The drink is suitable for people with diabetes and there is still no deposit! The bottles have a sports cap.




Mineral water PET 500 ml still or sparkling


Still and sparkling mineral water in practical, light blue 500 ml PET bottles. The greatest advantages of this container are that it can be resealed and that it is impact resistant.


Of course, we use natural Swiss water!



Lanyards for water bottles


The lanyard for your water bottle - now your message hangs around for longer.

The bands are available in a variety of colors and can be printed with the message of your choice. We offer 3 types of band.


The bands are available with or without snap buckle. 

Price on request.



Source water in 330 and 750 ml designer bottles - still or sparkling available


Our private label designer glass bottle is available in 330 ml and 750 ml sizes and with a screw cap.


This product is particularly suitable for sale in hotels, restaurants and other catering facilities.


The bottles have a standard label on the bottleneck. The main label is available in four colors of your choice or as a transparent label.


The mineral water is sourced in Wales / England, is naturally filtered and is bottled directly at source. It is very healthy and has a great taste.



Water spray 50 ml


Water spray - a fresh revolution.

Keep your cool and refresh yourself and your clients during your advertising activities!


This spray is filled with natural spring water from Germany. It is perfect for refreshing your face during long car journeys, at the beach or in dry, air-conditioned spaces.


The 50 ml spray bottle is available with a minimum order of 504 items. The label is available transparent or mono-chrome. Other sizes and colors are available for larger orders.