Private Label mineral water 50 ml returnable glass bottle


Thanks to our new partnership with mineral spring Bad Knutwil AG, we can also now offer exclusive Private Label 0.5 liter returnable glass bottles from the KNUTWILER brand.


The water used has extremely low nitrate and sulfate content and is therefore very easy on all stomachs.



The mineral water is available in the following varieties:

- Sparkling (blue)
- Lightly sparkling (red, légère)
- Still (green)

The water is presented in an exclusive sea blue bottle with crown cap; paper labels are printed available in CMYK color.


Minimum order of 8000 bottles of any design and variety, which are to be procured from your drinks supplier over a one year period.






Model: special bottle, see blue KNUTWILER model
Size: 50 cl / half liter returnable bottle
Cap: crown cap
Container: Blue crate 20 x 50 cl
Deposit: 0.50 CHF per bottle / 5.00 CHF per crate
Label: CMYK color paper / 80 x 110 mm
Producer: MineralquelleBad Knutwil AG
Delivery: Via your current regular supplier
Minimum order: 8000 bottles in 2 years per design and variety
Order: 14 days before delivery 


Price: with KNUTWILER branding
0.99 CHF per bottle excl. VAT/container deposit


Without KNUTWILER logo


(Manufacturer in product information)
1.05 CHF per bottle excl. VAT / container deposit


Take advantage of this opportunity and ensure that you have this exclusive water for your business. Order your sample bottles now!  

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