Private Label Prosecco








We use Thurn and Taxis Prosecco as standard for our Private Label prosecco. The fruity, dry Prosecco Colli Trevigiani comes from the famous agricultural area of Treviso in Italy.

Until recently, enjoying prosecco from small, stylish, 200 ml cans with straws was an insider trend in Hollywood and the secret tip of top stars. Now this new drinking style is catching on throughout the world.

Whether it’s for presentations and promotions, trade fairs, events or shows, product promotion, merchandising, POS, events or simply as an own house brand or innovative customer gift…with your own prosecco can, you can add a stylish sparkle to your advertising.

For a minimum order of just 504 cans!
We offer staggered prices for can units of:
•    504 units
•    1008 units
•    1512 units
•    2016 units
•    2496 units
•    3000 units
•    3456 units = 1 pallet
•    2- 5 pallets

It should be noted that for prosecco cans with transparent labels that the bottom, 10mm of the label is opaque and dark in color. This is because the Prosecco Blanko cans have product information printed directly onto the can, which we wish to cover with the label.