Private Label alternative drinks






Apple juice



Iced Coffee




Xprützte Wisse 


In addition to both our top products, energy drink and prosecco, we also offer the following Private Label drinks options:


Iced Coffee Drink 250 ml with vanilla flavor, with real coffee and milk (35 %)

The stylish summer drink, which wakes you and tastes great! Authentic iced coffee taste with a light vanilla note. The iced coffee drink, highly successful in Austria, in its practical 250 ml can, is now also available in Switzerland. The iced coffee can be stored un-cooled for up to one year.


Isotonic Drink 250 ml
The healthy alternative to energy drinks is our isotonic drink. This grapefruit-citrus refreshment, enriched with vitamins and minerals, is the ideal lite thirst quencher whose great taste makes it a real attention grabber.


Power Water 250ml
Power Water is the new drink for the modern, active, health and calorie conscious individual. The invigorating effect of caffeine, the refreshing taste of apples and pears and the addition of minerals to this lightly carbonated drink, make this truly energizing water.


Lemon ice tea 250 ml
Light carbonation has made traditional lemon ice tea extra refreshing and thirst-quenching: the ideal summer drink.


Sparkling apple juice 250 ml
Central to the outstanding flavor of this drink, is its particularly high juice content. The superb quality means that it is a favorite for all ages.


Eichhof beer 330 ml or 500 ml
As a new and exciting alternative, we can now also offer you beer from our local region.
For our Private Label beer, we use blonde Eichhof lager as standard. This is also clear from the co-branding on the back of the can. Please note, due to the cans' yellow base color, only white base labels can be used for Private Label beers. These are then printed in CMKY color. In addition, the base color of the beer can remains visible on the rim.

--> Other brands of beer are also available


 Vodka Lemon 5 % / 300 ml (Smirnoff Ice)

Based on the much-loved Smirnoff Ice 300 ml can, we are able to offer the content vodka lemon. However, because the cans are already printed, we can only offer white base labels, which are then printed in CMKY color.


Multivitamin juice 250 ml

Our multivitamin juice is made with a high juice content and no added sugar, which makes it a real vitamin provider. Finally something healthy from a can.


Fruit juice in 250 ml glass bottle
New to the range are natural, non-carbonated fruit juices in a handy, environmentally friendly 250 ml glass bottles. All three flavors stand out with their fruity taste and their high juice content.


DrinkBaX, 200ml, the drink sensation of 2008!
At first glance it looks like a completely normal drinks can. But on closer inspection it's an innovative soft packaging advertisement, which guarantees success!  



Xprützte Wiisse 250 ml / 5.9%

Indulgence that stands out. Unimaginable a few years ago, an absolute ‘must have' today. The finest products in stylish packaging. Sparkling indulgence in a can. Glamour in fashion. Form meeting content. Stylish, classy packaging specially targeted at the lifestyle of a young clientele. Then there's the content - the finest sparkling AOC Schaffhauser white wine spritzed with 45% sparkling natural Appenzeller mineral water from the mineral spring at Gontenbad. CMYK color printing on white labels.